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Annie Things Possible (TM) Copyright© 2000 Annie Lang All Rights Reserved
Annie Lang is a self-taught award winning designer/author who published 29 decorative arts how-to instructional books with Easl Publications from 1995-2003. Her many licensed characters and project designs have appeared in a wide variety of painting and craft magazines and have been used on a wide variety of commercially manufactured products and fabrics as well. She continues to actively support the Creative Arts Community which has played a key role in her home based business since 1986.

Annie’s whimsical characters and creative designs, which include everything from buglets to elves, have found their way into the international commercial marketplace and into the hearts of arts and crafts lovers worldwide. Annie currently publishes her Learn How Series of character drawing lesson ebooks as an Amazon Kindle author.   She continues to introduce new characters and creative imagery product items through direct-to-consumer digital art products offered in her online Downloadable Designs Store and has created an exclusive line of print-on-demand novelty items which she sells through her Annie Lang Smiles Store hosted by Zazzle

Annie currently resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan, very near the community where both she and her husband, grew up. Her growing family continues to provide her with limitless support, inspiration, and humor, which has always been reflected in her work.  CLICK HERE  to view a short video of Annie's work!