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If you love books and happy little bookworms you'll just love being a member of Annie's Bookworm Club!


Grab your reading glasses and join the fun by choosing from dozens of inspiring mix and match Bookworm characters that have been used for Annie Lang's Children's Storybooks, videos, merchandise and more.  Simply trace any of the fun design linework patterns from this workbook and then transfer the image onto your project surface to make outstanding personalized items with professional results.  Designs can be colored with paint, color pencils, inks, markers, chalks, etc.



Bookworm Club

  • * This publication is also available in paperback edition from Amazon at

    This publication features linework of Annie's adorable little Bookworms doing what they do best which is reading, writing, burying themselves in the bookshelves and making learning fun!  This book is a compilation of four themed collections featuring mix and match character Bookworms heading to school, reading books, reading on the computer, showing off icons of their favorite school subjects, engrossed in their favorite reading activities and wearing the perfect outfit to match both the weather and their favorite seasons of the year. 

    Find many of the line art character from this book available as coordinating clipart and print collections at Annie's Creative Market.  This publication is also available as a PAPERBACK EDITION from Amazon  along with "Bookworm" themed children's storybooks and Kindle editions. 

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