Let Your Handcrafted Projects Begin with a Smile!

Write it down, wipe it off and have a little fun! You’ll find 20 colorful ready to craft pages featuring artwork from some of Annie’s favorite design collections to create your own amazing dry erase boards. No experience is necessary and you only need a few basic supplies to start your projects right now! Simply choose a design page, mount it on cardboard and laminate. Finished boards can be tucked in your purse, “busy drawer” or glovebox to keep little ones busy. Mount a magnet to the back of the board and you’ve got handy refrigerator note and memo boards. Attach a hanger to the top corners to create signs for the kid’s door or simply tuck a completed project in a gift basket or holiday stocking! Whether you are crafting group activity projects, making items for an upcoming craft bazaar or simply want to pass a rainy day making party favors with the kids, there are 20 outstanding designer pages waiting for you right NOW!

Craft a Dry Erase Board NOW!

  • Bee Happy, Pink Hydrangeas, Sunny Smile, Peeping Giraffes, Hummingbirds, Ladybugs, Lounging Bunny, Quilted Patch, Pandas, Happy Chef, Tropical Sun, Awesome Monster, Eskimos, Pastel Prints, Teatime, Bookworm, Happy Flowers, Paper Scraps, Appletime and Smiling Sunflowers