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There’s nothing more magical than happy little gnomes  making their own gnome grown fun!  


Choose from the dozens of mix and match never before published characters designed by Annie Lang to create your own “gnome made” novelties, scenes and whimsical delights. 

Artwork can be colored with paint, color pencils, inks, markers, chalks, etc.   Each page features mini color images you can use as a coloring guide if needed.


Gnome Grown Gnomes

  • * This publication is also available in paperback edition from Amazon at

    This publication includes a unique selection of Annie Lang's gnome characters in their Gnomeland, tending their gardens, getting some Gnome Schooling, playing in the flowers, welcoming visitors, telling stories, fishing, flying, camping and more.


    Paperback edition is available from Amazon.

    Many images from this book can also be found as downloadable clipart and prints  clipart collections from the author at Annie's Creative Market Store

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