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Whether you imagine yourself as a famous Hollywood star, exploring a castle in the clouds surrounded by winged horses or as an adventurous treasure seeking pirate, Annie's kids will take you there!


Choose from dozens of mix and match whimsically themed designs created from Annie's Hollywood, Pirates and Winged Horse Castle collection of images. Simply trace any of the fun design linework patterns from this workbook and then transfer the image onto your project surface to make outstanding personalized items with professional results.


Designs can be colored with paint, color pencils, inks, markers, chalks, etc. 


Imagine That!

  • * This publication is also available in paperback edition from Amazon at

    Images in this 40 page book feature line art of whimsical kids playing in their imaginary world! Annie's Hollywood Kids make every night a movie night from the production and filming stage to Hollywood star characters. You can mix and match them with iconic images like film reels, marquee, popcorn, limo, awards and even kids watching movies from their theater chairs. If you're ready to hunt for hidden treasures, you'll discover a crew of pirates who can help you find it. There's coordinating pirate icons like flags, treasure chests, pirate parrots, skulls, a ghost ship, signs and more. If it's an imaginary castle you seek, you'll find one floating in the clouds along with a herd of magical winged horses to take you over the rainbow and into the stars where the castle awaits.

    You can also find many of the line art character from this book available as coordinating clipart and print collections at Annie's Creative Market.  This publication is also available as a PAPERBACK EDITION from Amazon

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