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Get ready to serve up your tea in style!  

Choose from dozens of mix and match patterns from sweet and whimsical teapot sets to "design your own" teacups and teapots to fun tea room signage wordart. Find everything you need to brew up some creatively magical tea time adventures.  Simply trace the design and transfer the image onto your project surface to make outstanding personalized items with professional results every time. 


Designs include 16 mix and match whimsical teapot sets with coordinating sugar bowls, creamers, teacups and teabags.  You’ll also find 11 pages of  teapot and teacup shapes you can use to design and embellish your own DIY tea sets.  If you need fun Tea Room wordart verses for signage, cutting projects, papercrafts, cardmaking and more, 3 fun pages of patterns have also been included for you.  Happy brewing!

Lots and Lots of Teapots

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    Printable pdf format

    Themed whimsical sets include coordinating teabags, teapots, sugar bowls, creamers and teapots with small coloring guide samples for apple, beehive, cracked egg, kitty cat, elephant, gnome, canning jar, ladybug, owl, pineapple, pumpkin, snail, snowman, heart, watering can, squirrel, tulip and turtle.

    15 blank teapot shapes and 10 teacups.

    5 unique tea time sign verses with color guide samples.



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