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Make every day a garden party and watch the smiles grow!

Print, cut, assemble, personalize and craft your own garden seed package envelopes with full size color and lineart templates to customize and personalize with your own photos, text and art.  Each design is sized to create standard size 3.5" x 4.5" seed package envelopes in 3 colors and 3 styles with unlimited creative possibilities!

This 38 page publication includes 30 assorted ready made designs and package elements to print and craft in just minutes.  High resolution color pages in printable .pdf format 

Fruit, vegetable, herb and fantasy seed package envelopes include:
pansy, sweet corn, pumpkin, sage, sunshine, sunflower, watermelon, yarrow, verbena, sunny smiles, dill, chives, happiness, lavender, cucumber, marigold, phlox, daisy, strawberry, popcorn, apple, basil, birdseed, bee balm, beans, black eyed susan, chamomile, carrots, butterfly garden and hydrangea 
Print as many or as few as you need for personal use or to sell as handmade finished products for resale.  Great for paper artisans, crafters, scrapbookers, group projects and more.  


This publication is intended for personal use.  You can print and create as many individually handcrafted projects as you wish.  However, the image pages and data file may not be freely shared or resold.  If you prefer to create with clipart that can be used for resale items, the art for this publication is available as a clipart collection with commercial license from Annie Lang's Creative Market Store at

Printable Seed Pack Envelopes

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