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Annie Lang's art Terms of Use Policy for Annie Things Possible.

Terms of Use Policy Applies to All Users of Annie Lang's
       Graphic Art Images and Downloadable Products

Annie Lang's digital products at hosted by Creative Market

Updated 03/2024

Annie Lang reserves the right to change this Terms of Use Policy at any time.

Copyright (C) Terms of Use Policy

Annie Lang is the sole creator and copyright holder for all images used for any "Annie Lang" digital products, book publications and print-on-demand commercial merchandise and greeting cards. Purchase of any product or image created by Annie Lang in no way constitutes surrender of copyrights to any other party.  Annie Lang retains all rights to her copyrighted properties. Copyright (C) Annie Lang image properties can in no way be claimed, reassigned or transferred to another party.  Annie Lang images are NOT in public domain and cannot be claimed under the "Fair Use" Act.  Use of images for mass produced commercial product or gift industry manufacturing, distributing, reselling or  wholesale purposes is strictly prohibited without a royalty licensing agreement contract or purchase of an extended commercial license from the Creative Market website.


NOTE:  Downloaded Annie Lang digital purchase made prior to 2017 

licenses are no longer in effect unless you have written licensing

rights documentation that was hand signed and dated by both

yourself and Annie Lang/Annie Things Possible


All Annie Lang digital assets license purchases downloaded under the terms of the  Creative Market  licensing agreement terms at the time of the sale will remain in effect as outlined in their licensing policy terms, even after my store closes on August 31, 2024. 

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