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2023 June NEWS

Hello There, SUMMER!

Annie Lang's June News Page


It's going to be a busy month as the summer begins!  With Grads, Dads, summer vacations, weddings and family gatherings underway, every day is a chance for new adventure!  Whether it's entertaining table settings for an event, summer clipart for your handmade home accents greeting cards of thanks and congratulations or cheery apparel to make your day brighter, you'll find plenty of inspiration right here!  Discover bright new mugs, fabrics, printables, fun merchandise, happy greeting cards and more.  Every month you'll find a NEW FREE downloadable project posted on my DIY page to inspire your imagination. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel, my BLOG page and my Pinterest page so you'll never miss out on the fun.

Annie Lang's June Greeting Cards


Send an end of the school year thank you, give that special Dad a fun card for Father's Day,  congratulate the grad or simply send some happy smiles to cheer up a friend.  You'll find all the cards by Annie Lang that you'll need for any special event!  Order and mail your cards from the comfort of your own home or have them mailed direct by Greeting Card Universe. Simply browse, personalize and order and spend less cost than cards you'll find in the store aisles.  To get more information and see all cards and available options before you order, visit Annie Lang's Card Shop today! 

Make it with Annie Lang's Digital Art!


Kick your summer off this month with Annie Lang's vividly bright digital character clipart collections, super fun graphics and coordinating patterned prints!  Need inspiration?  Watch how my characters were digitally rendered for use as clipart by visiting my YouTube Channel.  Find all the prints, clipart and fonts you'll need for any spring themed DIY project imaginable and more at Annie's Creative Market Store.  Digital art collections come with a license option available to suit your personal or commercial needs so you can use them for yourself, for your online retail business, fundraising projects or your own print on demand items! 

Annie Lang's Summer Books


Make the summer season fun with Annie Lang's book publications!  Simply trace, transfer and create anything imaginable using line art pattern books.  You'll also find activity books loaded with easy printable projects for any creative adventure. Why not share a whimsical story with your early reader?  Annie's Storybooks are also available in paperback and Kindle e-book editions.  You'll find book trailers to these and more on my YouTube Channel to see what's in the books before you buy.   Just click Books to get started today!

NOTE: KDP (publisher of my printed paperback editions) has just announce new pricing due to the increased cost of printing.  This does NOT include Kindle edition pricing.  There will be NO price increases for Annie's downloadable .pdf editions! 



Let's go Summer!  Get ready to celebrate the Stars and Stripes on my BLOG and Pinterest pages!

I've just received a pricing increase notice from Amazon KDP (publisher of my printed softcover book editions) due to the increased cost of printing.  Kindle e-book editions will not be affected.  There will be NO price increases for Annie's downloadable .pdf editions! 

Over the past year, most of us have seen pricing hikes across the board from groceries to clothing to heating cost to manufactured goods.  This also includes my merchandise sold through Greeting Card Universe, Spoonflower, Redbubble, and Amazon who have also increased pricing due to production costs.  However, I create my own digital design assets and publications and will not be increasing any pricing at this time.  The last time I raised my pricing was in 2009!  Check out my BLOG  or drop me an email​ anytime!

Draw a Silly Fish with Annie Lang


The fish will be bringing plenty of fins and grins this month and you can see for yourself how this delightfully whimsical FISH character was digitally created!  Annie Lang's Silly characters have been featured around the world for almost thirty years and they are still featured on merchandise collections, fabric prints, line art patterns, mugs and more.  Watch this colorful character come to life from a rough drawn sketch to a full color image posted in the Draw It Silly series featured on Annie Lang's YouTube Channel.  Enjoy! 



*FABRICS   Sew up a bright and sunny summer!  Enjoy browsing as you shop for the many themed fabric print inspirations designed by Annie Lang. Find all Annie Lang custom designer fabric prints, wallpapers and ready made goods by Spoonflower  

*COLLECTIONS Whether heading to the beach or to the campground, Annie Lang's whimsical merchandise designs will brighten up your day! You'll find plenty of apparel items, decorating novelties and home accessories designer merchandise from Redbubble.  Check out their promo coupon page to save $$$!

*PRIME You can also shop for Annie Lang On Demand Brand apparel, pillows, totes and more available from Amazon  with free shipping for Prime members.

Annie Lang's Mug Shop Collection


New designer mugs have just popped up this month so you can start your day with a smile!  All mugs are created and shipped direct to you by Redbubble. You'll also want to check out their discount coupon page to save $ on your order. Drop by Annie Lang's MUG SHOP today!



Show off the red, white and blue with this FREE pretty little Americana Butterfly line art pattern!  Simply print, trace, transfer the pattern design onto any surface and create something fun!  You'll find this free downloadable project and many more posted on my DIY page so you can start your creative adventure today!

Wishing you a wonderfully warm and sunny month of fun creative adventures! 

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