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What's under YOUR jar bonnet?  Why, anything at all!  Dress up your homemade delights with a colorful paper bonnet lid and you've got the perfect homestyle gift for any occasion!  Whether it's canned goods, bath salts, homemade jelly, hot cocoa mix, coffee beans, candy treats or dried flowers, herbs, dried mixes or whatever, you can make it even more special in just minutes with a handcrafted paper bonnet. 


Annie Lang's 53 page publication includes templates for both regular size and wide mouth size canning jars, templates to make perfect size round metal lid stickers and folded hang tags you can attach to your personalized jars.  This papercraft activity book also includes step by step instructions along with 48 vividly colored full size patterned printable papers designed by Annie Lang.  You can print as few or as many papers as you need whether it's for your personal use or homemade items you craft and sell.  Perfect for gift basket stuffers, decorator items or hostess gifts because Annie Things Possible when you make it yourself! 

Paper Jar Bonnet Lids

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