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No matter where you live, there's just no place like a warm and welcoming home!


You can build an entire neighborhood from the dozens of mix and match homes, cottages and townhouses in this publication. Themed home designs created from Annie's Front Doors, Home and Hearth, Hometown Neighborhood and Village Townhouse collection of images. Simply trace any of the fun design linework patterns from this workbook and then transfer the image onto your project surface to make outstanding personalized items with professional results.


Welcoming Homes

  • * This publication is also available in paperback edition from Amazon at

    This 40 page publication features linework of homes, cozy cottages, townhouses, decorative mix and match outdoor accents, shrubbery and flower motifs, welcoming doors and interior home scenes for kitchen, bath, parlor, laundry room, bedroom and nursery. Designs can be colored with paint, color pencils, inks, markers, chalks, etc.

    You can also find many of the line art home themed images from this book available as coordinating clipart collections at Annie's Creative Market.This publication is also available as a PAPERBACK EDITION from Amazon

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